A Staycation in Hull: The U.K City of Culture 2017

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Last weekend we had a Staycation in Hull. Our first big trip in the new car!

My little sister has been living there for the past year and we finally got the chance to head up to her! Her tales of adventure in this small part of the world were making us very curious of this sweet seaside spot. My folks also made the trip over from Dublin in the car, so a family reunion of sorts

Hull Sarah

Herself has also found her very own Yorkshire pudding! It was our first meeting of the new lad. A jam-packed weekend all lined up for us and a chance to get out of busy London! Yes please!!

Hull this year is the city of culture! 

Fun facts on Hull:

  • Hull was the most heavily bombed UK city after London in World War 2.
  • It’s full name is Kingston-upon-Hull (otherwise known as ‘ull)
  • Hull is home to The Deep – the world’s only submarium
  • Hull has cream phone boxes, not red like the rest of the country. Find out why here.

The original plan was for us to drive up after work on Thursday night, however,  after being poorly we needed one more night in our own bed!

On Friday morning we set of early. We hit the bakery at 6am to grab some loaves straight of the racks and then we hit the road!

car bridge

4 hours or there about with a quick pit stop for coffee along the way and we were in Hull!


The Humber Bridge was the first sight we saw and what a vision! It just opens up in front of you and it’s huge!!! A sight for sore eyes after being on the road for a good while. You can also walk it. If we had more time this would have been one thing I’d have jumped at. It’s about 2 miles each way but the views would have been worth it. The bridge is a suspension bridge and since it opened has saved many a traveller lots of miles. Find out more here.

My folks booked a Airbnb so we could all stay in the one place. It was in Victoria Docks or known by the locals as Vicky Docks.From here walking into town is possible along the river which we did twice.


After everyone had hugged it out and presents exchanged, cup of tea and a pack of Tayto later we headed into the main town to have a look around and stretch out the car legs.

Shopping in Hull is great! All the high street shops spread across 3 centres and a Tesco Extra! Love these ones! They have EVERYTHING including Rennie which we needed to pick up for me! Damn heartburn!

We spent the evening catching up with everything and just being together. It was the first time we’d been together since the wedding!!

Hull is unreal for food!!! We were spoiled!! Having a local helped big time as we didn’t eat a bad meal once!

Our first night was in Cognac. A French restaurant on Chanterland Ave (local translation: Chants Ave). There was a wedding party in the same night which only shows how amazing this little gem is!


For desert, we decided to move on to another little beauty….. Frizza Caffe Gelato

Icecream Hull

Wow!! Now I’ve never found a bad ice cream parlour but this place was amazing. 40 flavours on offer when we arrived with loads of ways to customize! Heaven!!


Our second night for dinner was fish and chips like I’ve never had before. Papa’s Fish & Chips. Their menus are printed to look like newspapers. The fish is huge and the batter even better. We filled our tummies to the max here and loved every minute of it!

Fish & Chips

The local football team here is the Hull City Tigers. With Dad and himself we were going to the match playing that weekend! £18 for a premiership game couldn’t be missed apparently….. We hit the team shop and got ourselves some tiger colours!! When in Hull…..

Hull Tigers

The game was Saturday with a 3pm kick off!! So a morning stroll, a hearty breakfast and a sneaky drink before we hit the stadium! Our new yorkshire pudding bagged us tickets two rows from pitch aide! The best seats I’ve ever had at a game!

Match Day

With a win in the bag we headed on our merry way to dinner.

Match Day Hull

Our last day was Sunday. We had a 4 hour drive back to London but we weren’t ready to leave just yet. Having our own car with us was so handy as it meant we could dictate our own times.


Up and out we wanted to squeeze in one last sight! The Streetlife Museum of Transport! The museum is free and holds a number of attractions from old school buses, trams, cars and arcade games! We spent a good 2 hours just wandering around and dreaming of what it would have been like years ago! In this section of the town there are a few other free museums but sadly time was not our friend.

Transport pics

We walked back through the marina after and found a chocolatiers coffee shop to grab breakie!


Walking around Hull is so peaceful and relaxing in comparison to London. A slower pace was exactly what we needed!

Hull M&D

Our last stop was a pub lunch with everyone before we all said goodbye to each other. One last hug and promises to do it again somewhere else same time next year!

If you’re in the UK, a trip to Hull this year should be something you consider. For to long it was seen as the end of road. It’s such a lovely place with so much going on that everyone can find something. It’s clean and vibrant and a great place to dust of the cobwebs and reenergize yourself!

car hull

4 hours from London sounds like a lot but to get out of the city and really relax sometimes that’s what’s needed!

Lots of Love…..

Mrs S.



21 thoughts on “A Staycation in Hull: The U.K City of Culture 2017

    1. It so was! Exactly what we needed! Hull was a lovely place to go if you ever get the chance! Premiership football ticks in London Starr from £60 so the boys made one request! It was that or listen to them go on 😂😂 thanks for stopping by xx

    1. Yep fish and chips!! The best ones I’ve ever had!! If you ever make it to Hull I highly recommend it!!!! And the gelato was amazing!! It’s got me on the hunt for a good parlour near me!! 😀 Thanks for stopping by xxx

  1. Sounds like a fun little trip! I’m glad you guys got to have a little family reunion out of it too 😄😄
    That gelato and those fish and chips looked delicious 😍

        1. That’s my time to pig out and what I look forward to the most!! But it’s got to be good food and boy was it good here!! You guys need to make a trip up our way!!! Would you ever think of that?? I know it’s far but….. Xxx

            1. Ditto with your place! 😂 I have a big one day file so don’t worry!! Hit me up when you make it though! Who else will send u to the best ice cream places there are?! 😂

    1. I really did!! Will be making a trip back here if we can! What a place! Saw your blog and wish I had before I went!! Loads of local knowledge which is amazing!! Thanks for stopping by!! Xx

  2. oh my goodness I’m going on a staycation this weekend to Devon and this has made me beyond excited!!! It looked like you had so much fun and all the food and desserts looked incred!! and oh my gosh The Humber Bridge looks AMAZING!! I’m so jealous! Thanks for sharing this chickyyy 🙂 xx

    1. Devon!!! You lucky thing!! That’s next on our list! Please do post about it so I can drool and try get there quicker 😂 the Humber bridge was amazing! Saw Amelias (who commented below) post on walking it and now I’m determined to get back and do just that!! Xx

  3. I was so intrigued by the idea of cream phone boxes that I followed your link. They look so strange ( to a brain used to see them red)! They look like those cave lizards that have no colour. Or like a black and white photo. Thank you for sharing.

    1. They were strange for me to alright. Back home we had glass ones or green ones but I’d never seen cream. They looked wrong…. I was amazed how they hadn’t been tagged with graffiti! I didn’t see one messed up or anything. Hull was such a lovely place to go! Thanks for stopping by! xx

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