A Day In London…. On the Cheap…. 3 Things We Did In A Day!

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Hey….. 🙂

As you may know my little sister was down to see me last week and we got to spend some time together. Both of us were a little tight and wanted to keep things cheap and cheerful. Damn those Specsavers bills…..

Keeping a day in London cheap means planning ahead. If you do things last-minute this is when it can add up! With a thought out plan and booking tickets in advance you’d be surprised at what you can do for the fraction of the usual costs.

We had a week’s notice to plan. The first place I looked was Visit London. A handy website to check out if living or visiting London. This site is great, it has a budget section and a free section to help you filter out what you need. It also lets you pick your dates so you know whats on the weekend your there.

Alternative Tour – Walking Tours


I found walking tours on Visit London. What a gem! These tours are free however they do encourage you to tip your guild if you enjoyed yourself. They state on the website: pay-what-you-like basis! Bring cash to pay your guide what you feel the tour is worth


I cannot rave about it more. We booked into a group as per their website instructions. On the day we also got a reminder text and an option to back out if we needed that. They run at least one tour a day. We booked in on a Monday for this one.

We met up under the Goat just beside Spitalfields Market. We walked the back streets around here, through Brick Lane and down to Shoreditch. The Guild, Gary, pointed out loads of different art works, houses of interest and gave us a different view on the East End of London.

London Alt Tour.jpg

On the day, after an hour into the tour, the heavens opened!!! We had no hood or umbrella and were getting soaked. The rain wasn’t giving up. We had to pull out just short of the finish line for fear of a nasty cold!


We tipped Gary before we left and found shelter in a nearby coffee shop. If doing this tour, do come prepared. We had checked the weather forecast but must have missed the threat of rain. It is London after all, not to dissimilar to Ireland with its unpredictable weather.


This didn’t leave us with a bad impression, if anything it made us promise to book in on another one next time herself is in town. We really enjoyed it and it was something different. The tours take between an hour and a half and two hours. A nice afternoon of doing something in the city other than moping around.


When the rain finally stopped with ventured into Spitalfields Market for a nose….


We found the sweetest shop here full of tricks and gizmos. Source Lifestyle. Glitter, teacups, photo frames, vintage clothes and much more. We bought we bought each other a necklace and some letters for future crafts.

Find here….

Sky Garden

Previously mentioned in my other blog, we hit the Sky Garden. Herself hadn’t been!

Book in advance and this tour is free. An hour in the sky to see a 360 of the city. She was very impressed with this one!

Sky Garden.jpg

This attraction is also quite handy as it’s centrally located in the city and by the water.

Quick pit stop to stock herself up on these bad boys!

Seeing a Show….

We both said if the price was right we would jump at this. As you may know with the theatres in London, they are AMAZING!! But for a price. We capped it at £20 a ticket and couldn’t find one we both wanted to see in relatively ok seats (No obstructions)

We did come across this: Shakespeare’s Globe. A theatre showcasing Shakespeare’s plays. The tickets are very reasonable but on the weekend we had it wasn’t showing any plays we fancied.

What was happening in London that weekend was the premiere of Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson. This was hands down a winner for both of us! We booked tickets in Cineworld The O2. Our local cinema but also a little more exciting than your run of the mill with being inside this iconic building. No pics sadly as we were running late 🙂

Both tickets were bought in advance and when booked online you get a discount. Job done and a great night out for us girls! A beautiful movie ending a beautiful weekend!


If we missed any tricks for seeing London without spending a fortune do let me know! Always handy having a few options in your back pocket!

Lots of Love…..

Mrs. S.



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  1. Hey!! 3rd time?! It is definitely one of those places that will never get old! I’m here 6 years and still finding new things!! Thanks for stopping by, hope I gave you some thoughts on your next trip!! Xxx

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