6 Tips on using Facebook Pages With Your Blog

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“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you”

This little series is well and truly on it’s way. I’m loving it each week and hope you guys are to! If one person can take something from each post I’m one the moon with that!!

Here’s a list of what I’ve covered so far:

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This week I wanted to talk about Facebook groups!

In the last 2 months I have joined a number of Facebook groups covering all corners of my niche / blog. In that short space of time using them, I’m so upset with myself for not joining the party sooner. They have been amazingly reactive for me and now I wanna join more!

Below is a list of my favourites I’ve been participating in. Check them out and see what you think!

Blog Series – Tips From a Newbie – Facebook Groups - Blogs in Bloom

Blogs in Bloom

Blog Series – Tips From a Newbie – Facebook Groups - Blogging With Purpose

Blogging With Purpose

Blog Series – Tips From a Newbie – Facebook Groups - Blogging Boost

Blogging Boost

Blog Series – Tips From a Newbie – Facebook Groups - The Blogging Crew

The Blogging Crew

Here’s my 6 Tips on using Facebook Pages to get you started!

Set up a Page

Have you already got a Facebook page for your blog? If not, I would suggest you do. It’s another tool you can add to your belt and another platform to interact with. It’s also a way for you to separate your own personal page from your blog page. Sometimes you just wanna see the unicorn memes your tagged in and others you wanna see the blogs you stalk!

Find out the Schedule

Each page I’ve been involved with has set days of the week for certain things. Share the Love Sunday, Facebook Friday, Re-tweet Monday…. Find out the schedule of each one and mark it in your blog calendar. That way you won’t miss out on days you really wanna get involved in. I love a share the love post as people post there latest pieces! It’s a great way to keep up with others while getting your posts out there on another platform.

Get Involved

You cannot expect to post on groups and have people react if you in turn do not react to others. Share the love. Read the blogs and do what the theme of the post says. You wouldn’t go to a dance class and just stand there… Don’t go to a Facebook group and just dally!

Knowledge is Power

Since joining the groups I have come across threads of issues, advise, suggestions, questions and feed backs. All of which have been super helpful and insightful. It’s like having access to a forum where everyone speaks your language. Chances are if one person is having an issue with a certain plugin, others are to! It also helps that it is way more responsive than your blog. People are always logged in to their FB. I have found questions to be answered pretty much straight away which is exactly whats needed when you’re having a full-blown heart attack over issues with back ups 🙂

Like everything else…

Don’t be mean, don’t spam, don’t self promote. Use this as another layer to grow. Everyone else is in the same boat and other people’s questions and opinions are just as important as your own. Someone’s nightmare may be someone else’s easy peasy ya get me?! I also believe with these pages you get out of them exactly what you put into them…..

Less is More

Originally when I first looked into groups I followed quite a number of them. After a while I realised I couldn’t keep up with them all and that I needed to tone it down slightly. I also found that after a few weeks, some of the groups just where not a good fit for me! Some where quite spammy, some had no method and people just posted all over the place and I just couldn’t figure it out. Some where just to heavy on specific niches that I wasn’t to interested in. Take your time and find the one’s that work for you!

Have you joined any groups? Has anyone got any groups they are involved in that they feel work really well? Has anyone for group of their own? I’d love to find new ones so do let me know in the comments below 🙂

Until next week…..


23 thoughts on “6 Tips on using Facebook Pages With Your Blog

  1. Yay, thanks for shouting out Blogs In Bloom ;D. I used to join in with too many as well, it was creating too much work! My favourite Facebook group (apart my own :P) is called Big Up Your Blog- they aren’t accepting new members at the moment, though

    1. No bother my dear! I really do love your page. The biggest thing is your structure! Some just have no pattern or method and it bugs the hell out of me!! So thank you for that 🙂
      Raging, the name alone head me hahaha will be keeping an eye out for others so if you find any do let me know 🙂

      1. I was wondering about a page rather than my profile just today. I feel that all my freinds and family might not be interested in my wordpress blogs so i should just put them through a page rather than my profile what do you think?

        1. I was in the same boat and that is why I went for a FB page for the blog! It gave me a place on FB to be me personally and then be me blog wise! I would recommend it! xx

  2. These tips are super helpful because i’m thinking of branching out on facebook. I totally agree with less is more because we have to be selective with our social media to ensure our sanity! Thanks love, great post!

    Just nominated you for the Liebster award! Details on my blog 🙂

    1. Ou you so need to AND you need to let me know when you do so I can follow you there to!!
      Thank you my darling for the nomination, much appreciated 😘

    1. 🙂 No worries!! The one you put on with links to groups all where dead ends 🙁
      Can you let us know the names of the pages that you like on FB? Would love to have a nose xxx

      1. Oh nooo, I copied them from my list so not sure why they didn’t work 🙁 Anyway they were Blogs in Bloom, which you already had, Official UK Bloggers, and thirty plus. Hope you like them! I’m in loads more too, but am trying to sort out which ones I really want to stay in and focus on those. I don’t like the ones where you have to comment on every post in a thread, because that seems so pointless if you have nothing meaningful to say. I prefer it when you just choose the ones that interest you. Have fun 🙂 XX

        1. I completely agree!! A few of the first ones I followed where like this but you can wheedle them down for sure!! So happy you like blogs in Bloom I’m loving it! The others ill be checking out for sure!! xxx

  3. Considering that i have just joined Facebook and created my page, this is super helpful. I do want to spend this week looking at groups and getting involved with the community. It is good to know not to follow too many! xxx

    1. There are a load to chose from!! let me know if you find any you like! Its always good to have a few options!! Have you looked at any of the above?? xx

  4. I’m participating in a few groups but I’m not really fond of them. Most of the time it’s only links dropping, non completing the daily threads, etc. The only group I like is the Boss Girl Bloggers – highly recommend!!

    1. Some are but you gotcha go through a few before you find the right fit i promise!! I have signed up!! Thanks for the tips sweets!! xxxxx

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