6 Things to See in Hong Kong on a Short Trip!

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Hello My Lovely’s,

Here are my top 6 things to do in Hong Kong!!

Victoria Peak

Location – Western Side of Hong Kong Island

Getting Here – MTR to Central, then a short walk to the Tram Terminus

Best Times to Go – Early Morning or Late evening

Price: Tram only, return – HK$45

Tram Return and Sky Terrace – HK$90

Victoria Peak  is the highest point on Hong Kong Island. Known to the locals as the Peak.

My advise would be to check the weather for the days you will be in Hong Kong when you land and try to pick the clearest day for it. While we were there we had fog every day. We left it till the 3rd day to go with the least amount of it.

We opted for the Tram and Sky terrace ticket. You can walk up to the peak but it is quite steep and my guess would take at least half a day. For walking, head towards Old Peak Road.

The tram ride itself is almost vertical in some areas and for me with wobbly knees was fine to do. A few head down moments for me but all in all it was very enjoyable.

Once you arrive at the top via tram there are a number off shops, coffee places and Madame Tussauds.

Do get there early. We arrived at 10am and queued for about 10 minutes. We left at around 2pm and the queue was miles long and up the road. In the Hong Kong Humid heat this is not something you’ll want to join!

Ladies Market

Location: Tung Choi St, Mong Kok (Kowloon Side)

Getting Here: via MTR – Mong Kok

Best Times to Go: Any time from Midday

After being here, I have no doubt in my mind as to why it’s called Ladies Market. It is unreal. An absolute gem of a find for all shopaholic’s.

Its spread through a number of streets with market vendors on either side of the road selling their wares. It is a pedestrian street while the stalls are open and running.

Bags, purses, souvenirs, clothes, suitcases, phone cases, there is a huge amount of things you can find here. All available at great, haggle-able prices. We had the best time ever haggling with these guys. Do make sure you have enough time to spend here. If you’re a born again shopper you will cherish every moment of it!

Times Square

Location: Causeway Bay (Hong Kong side)

Getting Here: via MTR – Causeway Bay Station

Best Times to Go: From 10am

Times Square is one of the biggest shopping Hong Kong. It also has a large cultural presence so do check out whats happening while your there.

It has a large restaurant quarter with some famous chefs having opened up kitchens here including Tom Aikens.

Whats crazy about Hong Kong is there buildings go up, not out. Mostly due to the price of land in Hong Kong and also the fact that it’s an island and limited to space. 46 floors in tower one and 39 floors in tower two.

Outside, like Times Square NYC, has the iconic billboards to see. Defiantly worth a look!

Nathan Road

Location – Kowloon Side

Getting Here – Via MTR – Prince Edward Station, Mong Kok Station, Yau Ma Tei Station, Jordan Station, Tsim Sha Tsui Station

Best Times to Go: Anytime

This road is super long! Hence all the stations you can access it from. It also has a crap load of buses that service it!

On Nathan road you can cover a number of sites including the infamous Peninsula Hotel and Kowloon Park. It also has a number of shop fronts and restaurants. You can get to the Ladies Market via this road to.

Its busy and vibrant. You can see marks Chinese culture, British colonial and present day Asian culture. The choice of food here is also vast and to suit all needs.

OZONE Bar – The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Location: Rooftop of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Getting Here: Best by Taxi we found

Best Times to Go: Twilight

118 floors into the clouds, gotten to by 2 lifts, this rooftop bar is pretty impressive. You don’t need to pay in but you do need to get yourself a drink or some food to sit down and take in the views!

We went at twilight to get the day to night views of the entire city. Like Victoria Peak check the forecast before you head up. Fog and clouds will distort your vision if its a not so great day.

Half way through our visit the clouds set in. It was super cool to look out the window at pure white having just seen the city below. Being in the clouds was a first for me 🙂

Poshest Bathroom I’ve Ever Been In!!

There is a dress code here so check that out. For us it was our last night in Hong Kong so we got all dressed up and made a night out of it. One of the nicest places I’ve ever had a drink! They even had an Old Fashioned on the menu. Top marks from me!

Sunset Harbour Cruise

Location: Victoria Harbour

Getting Here: MTR to Central

Best Times to Go: Set Times per booking

A boat ride up and down Victoria Harbour, at sunset, with drinks included!

The views from the boat of the Hong Kong Skyline are magnificent. I will never forget them. The boat you travel on is an old school replica of the boats you would have seen in the harbour in years gone by.

Himself booked this beforehand and was such a good shout. If you are short on time this trips covers a lot of views that if you only did this you would feel like you got to see the majority of Hong Kong’s sights from the water.

Best of the rest:

Stanley Market

Another Market aim mostly at tourists. Great place to pick up any souvenirs or last-minute presents!

Ocean Park Hong Kong

When we were in Hong Kong the Panda enclosure was closed. When open you can book in and feed the panda’s!!!!! How cool would that be!

The Big Buddha

One of the largest Buddha’s in the world! Accessed by a cable cart. While we were here the cable cart was closed for refurbishment so we didn’t make it out. Do check these things when your there just in case!

So there is our top picks for Hong Kong! Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!!


Another handy tip we would share with you guys is to use the Hong Kong underground system. It is brilliant and very quick. It’s also so cheap! A one way ride is less than 50p. We got Octopus cards and topped them up with the minimum amount. We used it every day and still had money on our card when we left. A great way of getting around as you can use it on the ferry’s to!

Lots of Love….

Mrs S.


13 thoughts on “6 Things to See in Hong Kong on a Short Trip!

  1. First of all, I missed the post where you said you were going self-hosted, I have no idea how, I’m normally always on top of reading posts, especially yours!!
    Second of all, Hong Kong looks amazing! I would love Victoria Peak, cause I enjoy looking down at the city. It’s so nice to be above everything and look down at what’s below 😀

    1. Awww thanks!! Way to make a lady blush 😍
      Ye my fault, I hadn’t moved followers before the last one so I’d say a few missed that update!

      HK was my favourite city we visited. I’d move there tomorrow! Victoria Peak was a huge highlight. I’m not great with heights but it was so awesome it didn’t effect me! Nor did the fog, it just added to the enormity of it!

      We did meet a lot of people from down your way as the flight time was less than 8 hours for you guys! You should so look into it! We also meet a few people who used it as a stopping point before heading down further. Oz and NZ always sounded so far for me and something I always wrote off! Now i’m like a 2 day stop over then on towards you is defiantly something we’ll be looking into!!


      1. Hong Kong is close to our end, so we may look into going one day 😀
        That’s awesome to hear!! I would love to make my way over to England one day, but it requires a lot of serious saving up and the flights are looooong, but I definitely plan on seeing it some day 😀

        1. Flights are mental money it’s so depressing!!! Himself did book a good bit in advance, that does help! We also have season sales here which is always good to check out!
          You would love it here!! Afternoon tea seems like something right up your alley!!!
          The flight isn’t to bad, once your on the plane its easier. I find the build up and anticipation and fear of missing my flight the worst part. Once I’m in my seat I’m like phew….. annnndddd relax!! Plus in flight movies! That always helps!! xx

    1. Thank you!! So nice to hear, I always worry if I’m rambling….. I have a habit of doing that 😂
      we couldn’t not take photos but i promise they do not do it justice! If you ever get the chance to head here DO!!!!Such a amazing place! I loved every minute of it! xxx

  2. Ugh! I am getting severe travel envy!
    HK looked like it was such a blast!
    Well done hubby! I think you might be able to stick around! 😉 😉

    I love that hilarious photo of you in that boujeee bathroom! Haha.

    1. I said something very similar to that to him just today 😂

      It was mega fun! And closer to you guys than me so you should so look into it! You’d love the shopping there I’d say! Was so cool!!

      The bathroom selfie 😂 It had to be done! Prettiest bathroom I’ve ever been in for sure!!! xxx

    1. Wow you lucky thing!!! Biggest piece of advise…. EAT!! Eat everything and anything. Best culinary 3 weeks of my life! Paying for it now but oh so worth it! Where are you heading? So jealous! If only to do it all again! 😂 xxx

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