The 5 Widgets You Should Have on your Blog Sidebar

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This week for my blogging tips I wanted to talk about you blog’s sidebar.

“The sidebar is present in ALL of your posts. Meaning that it’s the only part of your blog (with your header) that will be seen by every single person who visits your blog, no matter what. So you want to make sure that you’re making the best out of this little part of your blog. – Emma, Hello Foxy”

With this in mind over the last few weeks I have been figuring out which widgets work best in my side bar. After quite a bit of trial and error, here are my suggestions.

The 5 Items You Should Have on your Blog Sidebar

Lets Get Personal

Personal Snip Sidebar

It’s always nice to know more about the blogger straight away, without having to look at / locate their about page. From the get go you can see who the blogger is and also maybe where there based. I love know where people are based! A picture also helps and you can then put a face to the name. It instantly personalises your front page and makes you more approachable.

Sign Up Options

Follow Button

Ever gone onto a blog and would love to subscribe to them yet after 5 minutes you still haven’t located the button?? Yep, been there. The amount of bloggers I do not follow because I simply could not find out where I could! Annoying as hell!! It takes two seconds to put something there. Something is better than noting when it comes to sign-ups.

Social Media

Social Media Sidebar

Do you use any social media platforms to promote your blog? If I like a blogger I wanna follow them on all my platforms. Having quick icons to bring me there is super helpful, quick and handy.

Search Bar

Search Box Side Bar

This bad boy is super user-friendly. You know the blog page you need to be on but you can’t find that post they had from ages ago? Search options make it easier for your follower to navigate your site. A quick and easy tool for those on your site. Remember, your site isn’t for you to navigate, it’s for your followers. Why make life harder for them?!

Top Posts

Top Posts Side Bar

As Emma mentioned above, the sidebar is present in ALL of your posts, so why not add your best posts. It will help people dig deeper and quicker into your blog and possibly keep them hanging around longer! No brainer!

So there are my 5 top widgets. Which one’s do you have?

Have you found any that have proved useful?


26 thoughts on “The 5 Widgets You Should Have on your Blog Sidebar

  1. Love this! Good to know. I currently have two out of the widgets you wrote about in this post. However, my site style does not allow me to add a bio on a side widget. Have to look more into this feature. xx

    1. I’ve just been on your blog and I now see what you mean! I do love your theme, which one is that? I love the way your posts come up and it does make you wanna click into all of them so I think your covered 🙂 xx

    1. Wow go you!!! Good woman!! 🙂
      Have you any others you’d think would be good on the list? Anything you’ve found helpful? xx

        1. A spare minute sounds marvelous doesn’t it hahaha!! There just never seems to be enough in the day esp this time of year xx

    1. I know, it took me a while to! And what kind of photo?! That took a few trial and error on my end! I do think it adds to the feel of your blog though. People react better when they imagine your face when commenting and interacting. I have found it has worked well for me!! Think on it and see how you feel about it in a few weeks! xx

  2. Yay so I am not completely failing as a blogger, haha. I will be adding a top post to my sidebar. I didn’t think about it but yes, the sidebar is always present for everyone to see. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Don’t say that, I think your killing it!! I love your theme its so clear and crisp! Top posts has been great for keeping people on the blog which is always helpful so I highly recommend it! xx

    1. You so should!! From your side bar I can follow you on your social media platforms but not your posts! If I was a brand new person on your blog or someone not to in the know about blogs it may be harder for them to figure it out! My side bar is now based on how others see it not how I see it! Thanks for stopping by!! xx

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