The 5 Things I have Learned from A Blog Consultation

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‘Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can. It’s about publishing as smart as you can.’ Jon Morrow

Recently I have put my blog through its paces. I have outsourced an extra set of eyes and asked for it to be disected and evaluated.

No-one ever WANTS to hear the bad things BUT my thoughts on this are if I can’t handle the bad I should find another hobby. Patting myself on the back will get me no where fast…. I need to grow and get better and to do this I think having a blog consultation is a great starting point.

The 5 Things I have Learned from A Blog Consultation.

In my previous post – Blog Consultation – How I Did it and The Outcome –  I mentioned Emma was the lovely lady I went with. I could not recommend her more. For my first consultation she was a superstar and handled the punches softly. If you are thinking about it but are terrified of what will be the outcome, Don’t Be! My experience with Emma has been exactly what I needed and so much more than I expected.

The 5 Things I have Learned from A Blog Consultation.

Do Not Be Scared

Yes someone will be critiquing you, someone will be going over all your bad habits, someone will be pointing out the things you thought you had gotten away with. You have paid for them to do this and if you’re being really honest with yourself, this has probably been on your mind anyway. Change is good and how can you change if you continue to do the same thing week in week out, post after post. Don’t be scared, be excited for the things to come!

It’s OK to ask for Help

If you work in any kind of job you will most likely report to someone. When you get stuck or need a hand there is most likely someone there to help or offer you direction. Blogging can be quite lonely and as its most likely just you behind the keypad, no one is there to offer you those road signs. Asking for help makes us human. We would do it for any other situation we are in, why not for blogging?

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Be Open Minded

Some things came up that I had to read a second time. Say what?? One of the main one’s that came out of my own consolation was to reduce the amount of posts I do each week. Queue palpitations, freak outs, days of pondering on this and dare I say a little bit of anxiety. Once I had my freak out and opened my mind to it I could see the reasons behind it. Long term sustainability, pressure to post, the quantity v quality debate… Once I opened up to the idea I could see where Emma was coming from. It wasn’t from a bad place but more of a long-term benefit. It also opened up hours of possibilities to use the time else where. An open mind is a thing off beauty! Keep this in mind for your own experience.

Know Your Own Blog

Only you know your blog best. If something really isn’t sitting right and you’ve applied the previous lesson and still don’t feel good about it, don’t do it. Go with your gut. Not everything works best for everyone and that’s what make each of our blogs so unique. Whats good for me may not be good for you. Know your blog and roll with it. You do you!

Don’t Procrastinate

This one was the hardest for me. I don’t know anyone not guilty of this “P” word from time to time. After going over everything I will admit I needed a few days to take stock, readjust and re-centre. For me this was paramount. I needed a minute, I took it. Implement the changes and updates sooner rather than later. Keep the momentum going and roll with the punches. Delaying is good for no-one!

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If anyone has any questions on a Blog Consultation leave them in the comments below!


12 thoughts on “The 5 Things I have Learned from A Blog Consultation

  1. This sounds like something I definitely should do. Knowing your blog, while still being open-minded would be so important.

    1. You should so look into it, its been a great experience for me!
      It is so much easier said than done! BUT it did get easier as the days went on and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel hahaha xx

    1. Defiantly hard when you put your blood sweat and tears into your baby! Its like a leg wax, you know you need it but you put it off for as long as you can for fear of pain! It’s never as painful as you imagine though hahahaha xx

    1. Me to!! I had it on my mind for quite some time! So glad I did it though!! I think it has really given me a lot to work on in a positive way!! Xx

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