Date Day – Mini Golf with Mr Mulligan’s Dino Golf in Sidcup

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I’m really good at mini golf. You know, maybe not big person golf, but little person golf, I rock. – Natalie Portman

Date Day - Mini Golf with Mr Mulligan’s Dino Golf in Sidcup PIN

When he said he had a date day planned I got well excited! When he said it was mini golf….. I thought ok, I can get into this! (I’m a teeny bit competitive for those of you who don’t know me that well…..) Himself plays normal golf regularly but I have a fairly decent hand eye co-ordination thing going on so I was hopeful…..

Mini Golf Date Day

Mr Mulligan’s Dino Golf in Sidcup is our closet “range”.

There are two courses to choose from, both consist off 18 holes, see…. like normal golf….

Jurassic Explorers

You get a scorecard, your choice of ball and a putter. You also get to pick which course you’d rather go for if your only doing one.

Pick Your Ball Mini Golf

It is family friendly and a number of parents where there with their kids. Wait time wasn’t to bad at all and it was a Saturday when we arrived, at around 4pm.

Hazel Mini Golf

We opted for just 18 holes. You can go for 36 holes and this is properly what we will opt for next time. By the time I had warmed up to it and got into it and we where close to the end…

Shane Mini Golf

The holes range from easy to medium to hard. All good fun in a cool environment with props all around.

Lake in Mini Golf

The prices seemed a little high to us but after going around and seeing the discounts you could have got by opting into 2 games instead of 1 and a date night event they hold, it could have worked out cheaper.


There is a cafe on site with seating inside and out. It also had a bathroom. It was quite cute and had decent coffee inside. We grabbed 2 for the walk around.

Hay Mini Golf

Overall we had a great day out and really enjoyed going around the course with each other. Himself did win….. BUT only by 5 points!! I think for someone who knows how to play versus someone who doesn’t I did pretty well!!

Mini Golf Hay

We are hoping to return with a gang of us for the date night events as we think this could be really good fun!

Date Night at Mini Golf

Have you ever played mini golf? What’s your favourite date day thing to do?


15 thoughts on “Date Day – Mini Golf with Mr Mulligan’s Dino Golf in Sidcup

    1. We did!! It was the best! Is there one near you?? I was worried we’d end up having a full blown domestic on the course but we where quite civilised hahaha!! A lovely day we will do again for sure!! xx

        1. Oh I’ve heard of there 🙂 I wonder if my sister will bring me next time?! She may be worse than me for competitiveness so that would be hilarious!! xx

    1. Have you never done it?? It is so much fun!! It can get a little violent, if like me your a tiny bit competitive. And when I say a tiny bit…… 🙂
      Its a great day out with anyone, do you have one in your area? I highly recommend it xxx

      1. No I have never played before. I can be competitive when it’s something I know I’m good at and put pressure on myself, ten pin bowling is not an example of that, I’m hopeless lol! There is mini golf in my area 🙂

        1. Oh my! Bowling!!!! I forgot about this one, I haven’t been in years!!! That is going on the planner for next month!! i nail it…. when the boulders are up hahahaha xx

    1. It’s the best for sure!! Plus with all the obstacles I felt it put us both on a level playing field 🙂
      Real golf, ye not for me, rather watch paint dry hahaha xx

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