Snoop Snoop Series with Mrs. S. – August Edition

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“We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why.” Stephen King

Welcome to our 2nd edition of the Snoop Snoop Series

 I have met some awesome people and learned a hell of a lot from them. This series is a Thank you of sorts. A look who I found and how they helped / inspired / moved me in whatever way it was. It’s also, I hope, a way for me to give back. It’s just no fun doing these things solo!

Here’s my July Edition if you missed it!

Lets get stuck in!


Snoop Snoop Series August Lauzies Lifestyle

Lauzies Lifestyle

About Lauzie: A name that I have now been associated with, although my real name is Laura.

My career blossomed from industry makeup artist to writer. Actually, it leaped – one giant leap to follow my dreams and pursue a career that allows me to delve into every one of my passions.

Beauty, fashion, health & well-being, poetry, mental health and general living. I hope to inspire like-minded individuals and create a space for them to think, relate and share.

I have been following Laura for sometime now. She is a huge advocate for self-love and I adore her for it. She’s real and fun and friendly…. What More could you want?! Last week she also featured on my #WCW series and I could not think of a better blogger lady…..

Favourite Post: How I Shoot My Selfies

Snoop Snoop August Addition Siyana Online

Sienna Online

About Siyana: Hello and welcome to my tiny piece of the Internet, which I happily occupy in my free time. Please make yourself at home, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

I usually share various products reviews, blogging tips or some thoughts. If you are following me closely, from time to time you would be able to learn about my personal experiences with my biggest journey called life.

You can mostly find me in the UK, however I hop to my Bulgarian home from time to time. Thank you for staying here with me!

Siyana is another blogger I have been following for a while now. Recently she moved over to self hosting and it has been amazing to see her page change and take off! Siyana – I’m LOVING the new look 🙂

Favourite Post: My Experience After Moving Self-Hosted


Snoop Snoop Series August - Don't Give a Jam

T: Don’t Give A Jam

I have been following Jamie’s blog for a while now and was so excited to see she had launched herself a Twitter account! Jamie has only gone and got herself a hashtag 🙂 #dontgiveajamblog

If you follow Jamie’s Blog you’re gonna love her twitter account, an extension of the blog!

Snoop Snoop Series August - Nicci McShane

T: Nicci McShane

This little lady I have only recently found! Her twitter feed is full of all sorts, lifestyle blog posts, London life and what she gets up to along with some serious enviable pictures!

Nicci’s blog can be found here! She uses twitter as an extension of her blog to with a good bit more of a sneak peek into her life as a full-time blogger!


Snoop Snoop Series August The Cup of Vanilla Latte

I: The Cup of Vanilla Latte

This Instagram feed is a guilty pleasure for sure! Picture after picture of pure fashion. I love having them pop up on my feed. For fashion inspiration but also for picture locations! Some of the shoots are just bang on the money.

Also, in case any of you where wondering, this is my Starbucks order!


Snoop Snoop Series August - Blogs in Bloom

F: Blogs in Bloom

I am loving this Facebook page right now! Emma from The Emma Edit launched it a few weeks back and it has just took off. What I love most about this group is the structure. Some groups have no format and it’s a free for all. Posts get lost and some clog your notifications with stuff that’s so not relevant to you it’s not even funny!

This group has set days for everything you can need and  so far, I’m finding the mix of bloggers perfectly suited.


The below are 2 group boards I am involved with. They have both been super amazing with finding content about blogging. From tips and tricks on writing, formatting, plugin’s, themes, photos, Pinterest, traffic and growth. If you’re looking for inspiration of information on your blog this is where I would point you to 1st!

Snoop Snoop Series - August How to Rock Your Blog

P: How to Rock Your Blog

Snoop Snoop Series August Blog & Biz

P: Blog & Biz

I hope you enjoyed the August Edition of Snoop Snoop! I’ll be doing it mid month, every month!

Let me know what you think of all these beautiful people!

Any feedback is much appreciated 🙂 If you have anything in particular you would like to see in this series let me know, would love to hear your thoughts…..


10 thoughts on “Snoop Snoop Series with Mrs. S. – August Edition

  1. Thank you for listing me first, in such a wonderful post like that, and second among all those amazing bloggers! You have no idea how much I appreciate it! <3

    1. Your so very much welcome!! Thanks you also for the shout out!! So glad I could be a silver lining for you 🙂 So proud of your new self host… I know how stressful it can be!! Your site is kicking ass, imagine what it will look like in a few months time when you’ve had more experience with it!! Your gonna nail it!! xxx

      1. Whoever said girls only hate each other, obviously never had a blogging gal! Thank you so much for all the support, never stop being that awesome! ❤️

        1. Amen to that little lady!! I do believe there is more than enough room for us all! I ain’t no fun on a girls night out by yourself!! Who else would be beside me screeching when the spice girls come on 🙂 Keep up the good work sweetie, i’m cheering right behind ya xxx

  2. Thank you lovely for this really sweet mention! I am glad that you connected with Nicci. You are both two of the nicest people that I have come across in blogging with very unique posts – which is a huge plus! Xxx

    1. They are the best aren’t they!! So different but yet very similar in there beliefs i think! Have you had a look at any of the others? I’m really liking this series, showing you all my favourite go to people!! xxx

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