DIY Wedding Invitations – How We Made Ours

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**This is a updated version of my previous post on Wedding Invites with added photos**

In a sea of people, my eyes will always search for you – Unknown

Your Wedding Invitations will make or break you! No word of a lie 🙂 That is if you make them yourselves or assemble some element of them.

It’s not for everyone and before you get into it, do check out all the options so you are making the best decision for both of you. If neither of you are crafty, you cannot expect to get crafty over night. It is quite a bit of work and if it’s not for you, that’s ok!! I am crafty, himself isn’t. I knew if I wanted hand-made invites it would be me doing them….

For our wedding, I wanted to make as many things for it as possible. A personal touch and also to make savings along the way. Weddings add up after all.

I had a very good idea of what I wanted, along with a pretty hefty Pinterest mood board. I did get in touch with some companies looking for quotes and boy was that a big surprise! The quotes where mental and a huge factor in going down the DIY road. Plan A had swiftly become Plan B……

I made a list, blackmailed the Bestie with domino’s  & proceeded to make a list of everything we’d need to make these bad boys.

  • Card – Lots of card, in the colours you want. (I changed my mind twice on this, a woman’s prerogative and all that…)
  • Printer, ink, patience by the bucket load
  • A Cricut machine, without it, God’s speed!
  • Double Sided sticky tape – as much as you think and then some more…..
  • Time!

We spent two days mulling over the how’s, what’s and when’s. Got a good idea together of what we wanted, STALKED Pinterest and got the plan together!

The one thing we didn’t foresee was how long it would take. It took us 5 Saturday’s in total. Bear in mind I had 5 sheets to my 1 invite. I also had a run in with the printer multiple times…… In the end, was it worth it… YES!

The money we saved was a lot! £435.82 to be exact. The reactions we got….. way better than imagined. The outcome…… priceless. I wouldn’t change a thing.

My Top Tips on DIY Wedding Invitations

  1. Do a test run… we made our save the dates to get a feel for how much work would be ahead of us. You’ll soon find out if your able for it after 150 of those bad boys.
  2. Know what kind of card / tools you want. Have a look around in art and craft shops first. Have a feel of the different kinds of paper you can get these days. There are so many to choose from and picking randomly will hurt your wallet! If you’re going to do it you want it looking good. The trick is that no-one should know you have made them! Good paper will massively help your chances.
  3. Order your supplies online….. Way cheaper! Plus bundles of paper are heavy! Get it delivered.
  4. Stick at it – Your going to want to throw in the towel at least once….
  5. Change your mind as often as you like, BEFORE a lot of the work has been done.
  6. It’s better to have left overs than be short. How ever many you need, add 10, add 15, add as many as you can to make sure those Aunt’s on his Mom’s side he forgot don’t end up with a post it….

This is what we went with in the end!

5 Pages in total, the biggest one being A5.

  • The Opening – A business card size, our names and the date with our chosen picture

  • The Invite – Date, time, locations…..

  • The Info Card – Alternative accommodation info, a no kiddies poem, our contact details for anything you need before the big day

  • The RSVP – We sent ours out quite early, *the joys of a Christmas Wedding* I mean being organised!

  • The Contacts FOR the day – Numbers for the Maids, the Men, the Dads, the Moms, anyone but us kinda thing…..We also threw in the Taxi numbers for the area and 999 for emergencies 🙂
These could be torn apart….

For the wordings of each one, there are a million ways of doing it. Whatever is right for you… go on instinct when you read through the countless examples online. Make sure your happy with it, everyone has their opinions on this but do remember these are your invites and unique to you!

One thing I would say, savings aside, it was a fun project to do. A few weekends sounds heavy, but when your trying to save, staying in with a task to complete worked a treat! Anyone looking to make their own invites, I’d recommend it. Any questions you have, do get in touch, happy to help!!!

Good Luck!!!

Lots of Love

Mrs S….


13 thoughts on “DIY Wedding Invitations – How We Made Ours

    1. Thank you!! I really liked them. We had seen a good few at fairs and from other weddings we had been to. We kinda took a little of everything from everyone and this is how they came out!! My favourite card is the contacts one! Was most helpful for our guests!! xxx

    1. Yep 🤗 Thank you!!
      A lot of time and patience but worth it in the end I think. Esp for what we wanted and the multiple pages. The savings was the best bit and the cherry on the top! Was so chuffed with that. It was hit and miss for a bit and in the back of my head a few times where thoughts of jacking it in and paying full whack… BUT we got there hahahaha… The things we do for our big day 🙂 xxx

    1. Thank you!! In the end… for sure…. While making them…. Lets just say if i never see another blue piece of card in my life we may be safe 😂 xx

  1. I love your invitations and it is amazing that you did not just purchase them ready. It is crazy how much the cost goes up, once people realise that is to do with a wedding! xxx

    1. Babe it’s not even funny!! I get they need to be fancier and more important than others but some of the prices quoted…. My dress was looking to be cheaper! I wanted multiple pages ya see …. If you have less then the price is less… It was a lets meet in the middle kinda decision for us! I was happy with how they came out in the end 🙂 xx

    1. 🙂 It is a tough one alright! Where we are the price difference in making them or buying them was just to much. It was a lets suck it up and do it kinda thing for me! I really enjoyed it in the end though… I had much more patience than i thought xxxx

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous! Well done to you, that requires infinite patience. I’m thinking when the time comes (not even a date set yet because I’m so disorganised 🙈), I would like to make my own but I’m nowhere near as crafty as you!

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