2017 Highlights – A Year Review

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2017 was a great year for us here in the S Household. My first year as a wife, a hell of a lot of travel, we became a (best) aunt and an uncle, a new car, I became a “blogger”, nights out, nights in, dancing, drinking and more food than you can shake a stick at!

Today being the day it is I wanted to reminisce about the past 12 months and put it to bed in style! Here are my top picks for 2017. Picking just one photo per month is seriously hard, so I’ve tried my best but some months just had way to much fun going on! Life is good ladies and gentlemen!


Mr & Mrs 2017

Mr & Mrs Kicked off 2017 in style in Belfast! We were on our mini-moon doing a road trip to the North of Ireland, a holiday I had always wanted to do. We ended our trip here ringing in the New Year. We promised ourselves that this year would be less stressful than before with no wedding to plan and that we could be a bit more lax with our savings. We decided this would be the year we do all the trips we put off while saving the pennies! I think we succeeded!



February as always is such a quick month! A trip home to a friend’s wedding with this one as a plus one! Sorry Mr S, but Mamma Mc is a much better dancer than you will never be 😃



We had this little terror with us in March. We took the opportunity to visit the seaside with herself, down to Whitstable. We heard the oysters were a good call… they were in Sarah’s expert opinion!


APRIL 2017

In April we became an Aunt and an Uncle to the best little lady ever!! I’m clearly biased but if you wanna take me on…..

APRIL 2017

We also had a staycation in Hull with my family! Checking out the locals and making sure little Sis was in good hands with her beau, our Yorkshire Pudding 😃


MAY 2017

The honeymoon of all honeymoons, a trip of a lifetime with my favourite person. Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. If there was ever anything I want to relive again it’s this trip! Love you boo xx


JUNE 2017

London in the summer, is there anything better? I think I ate enough Snicker ice creams to last me a lifetime.

JUNE 2017

Spending time in the sun with the best kind of people!!


JULY 2017

Himself winning prizes at the golf club and celebrating in style! Who said champagne out of trophies wasn’t graceful!

JULY 2017

It was also the month we were consumed with a new guilty pleasure! Love Island…. How had we not heard of this before?


AUG 2017

Our first trip back home to meet our niece, catch up with Mama L and a perfect summer wedding in the Irish countryside!

AUG 2017

August also had a little surprise in store. My little bro and his better half took a trip to Hull. So guess who decided to head on up there and surprise them all! Their faces with me walking through the door were priceless! Thanks Luke for keeping the secret 🙂


SEPT 2017

London sightseeing with this messer! Drunken tour guild business opportunities??

SEPT 2017

Back home again for the Christening and to celebrate with loved ones.


OCT 2017

Having a nose round Greenwich with these two boys! Having friends from home over and showing them the sights is one of my favourite things to do!


NOV 2017

A girls trip to Birmingham with these two glam ladies! A Cake Expo and Cadburys, the perfect holiday for the McCann gals! The first of many I hope!

NOV 2017


DEC 2017

We got ourselves a white Christmas. Ok a white few days before Christmas but still.

DEC 2017

A trip to Stockholm with himself to celebrate our 1 year anniversary as Mr and Mrs The perfect ending to our year! How he does it I never wanna know 😃

So there you have it, the highlights of our year for 2017. Let’s hope 2018 is just as good to us!!


9 thoughts on “2017 Highlights – A Year Review

    1. Thank you!! I didn’t realize how busy it was until I looked back! Definitely enjoyed creating this post!! Hope you had a lovely year to and here’s to 2018!! Xx

  1. Ohhhhh what a great way to look back over what looks like an amazing year for you. I really enjoyed reading this. It also made me realise I really should take more photos! Great post, and Happy New Year x

    1. It was the first post like this I’ve done and it was so much fun for me looking back. So glad you liked it to!! One of my new year promises for 2018 is more photos!! Still trying to create the new habit!! Happy new year boo xxxx

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